Perserverance with Brown Eyes

Dear 11-year-old me,


Your teeth are crooked, and you’re a little bit overweight.

Does that sound familiar?

You’ve been bullied for a while now,

But you’re still alive.


How come you remain so strong?

I understand the pain you’re experiencing right now.

Your father just walked out of your life without any warning or explanation.

I can feel your pain,

And simultaneously,

 I can feel your determination to be successful in life.

The absence of your father gave you the extra push

To be a successful African-American woman.

I see the determination,

And perseverance through your brown eyes.


You always loved to smile, but why do you cover your face?

Is it because of your crooked teeth?

Do you believe that you have a crooked smile?

Well don’t, you inspire the people who you meet,

You’re beautiful,

You’re a testimony for your peers.


11-year-old me, you looked your bully in the face with a perfect, straight, white smile.

You’ve lost weight, and look healthy and stunning.

You’re prospering a successful life without a father.

Not many people can say that.

You’ve overcame many obstacles in life.

Not many people can say that.

11-year-old me, I’m proud of you.


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