Dear Love,

People ask why it is that I am so afraid of you

They say you cause so much happiness

But what about the times you make people feel blue

The times you cause people scrappiness

Maybe you aren't such a terrible thing

But if that is so why does my main fear consist of you

Maybe it's because you leave my heart pounding like a bee sting

And then the next second change your mind and make me feel all brand new

Why do so many people seem to love you when you seem to hate us

And along with you, you decide to bring intimacy too

You are the reason people have distrust

And the people who have never loved don't even have a clue

They know nothing of the damage you can bring

They have no idea that you can often be unequal

To them you being harmful is no such thing

But those who have experienced you harm them back to back like a sequel

They know you are as deadly as a Black Mamba

They know how great you can make a person feel

They know how you can make their heart do the samba

Or how you can turn a person's gigantic heart into Steele

As a cold as a winter's first snowflake

You cause people do crazy things

You cause people to have heartaches

You cause people to want their wings

To fly far away from everyone

The cause a whirl of depression and anxiety

That happiness that they once felt they suddenly feel none

To feel hope again they try numerous things, a variety

Nothing works because you have broken them

I speak as a person who has experienced both the good and the bad of you

And though none can see through my smile so bright, as bright as a gem

You have broken me and I just wish I would've knew

Knew of the damage that is possible to come with you

So Dear Love,

I cannot rid my fear of you

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