Picture Me Perfect


United States
34° 7' 3.324" N, 118° 11' 17.9844" W

A perfect photograph for you to memorize.

No flaws. No errors. No crooked lines. No out of place pieces.

A freshly polished trophy with the tag of perfection.

Perfect smile, perfect style, and oh yes the perfect life.

No blimish in sight, no jiggle with my wiggle, and be damned if you find a hair out of place.

Picture me.

A filtered lifestyle where all you see is what you hope to get.

Covered head to toe in everything that is not me.

Forcefed words that are not mine.

And held on on the highest pedestal.

But what happens behind the scenes of a perfect picture?

Much practice, placement, movement, change, and unoriginality.

But I forgot you picture me perfect right?

Not even knowing what happens behind camera.

Not thinking of what goes on behind closed doors.

Let alone what runs through my mind.

Just continue doing what you do best.

Picture me, PERFECT! 


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