Pillow Forts

Mon, 07/09/2018 - 01:13 -- kwentz1

I remember the day
And the shame that followed
When I asked for help
And my fear I swallowed

They asked me questions
How long I'd felt this way
How my life was at home
If I felt I'd lost my way

With a tear streaked face
And a bottle of blue pills
I had finally addressed
This pain that could kill

It took me so long
To finally understand
That life never quite goes
According to plan

We run into bumps
We trip and we fall
But that doesn't mean
Life isn't worth it at all

So I got back up
Dusted off both my knees
Because no one ever said
Life was going to be a breeze

I stopped feeling sorry
Knowing others struggle too
That sometimes our brains
Can make us feel blue

There's nothing wrong with that
Nothing wrong with support
One thing you must know
Is we're built like pillow forts

It's dark inside
For that there's no doubt
But when the sun shines
Don't try to block it out

We can hide under the blanket
And sometimes that's okay
But what really gives us strength
Is when we strip it all away

One thing to keep in mind
You're never in this alone
For help will be there
If you pick up the phone

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