Pits of Hell


Bleeding nails,

Pull yourself up on that ledge.

It’s just a little bit further.

Hell isn’t the bottomless pit they always talked about.

Once you catch yourself you just start climbing,

And you don’t stop until you see the blue sky above you.


You can breathe in the fresh air and hear the birds singing to you softly.

You made it out alive.

That’s all you have to focus on,

You hit rock bottom,

And you’re on top again.

You came from the pits of hell,

And you’re free.


Dust off your knees and walk away,

Don’t look back no matter how tempting it will be.

Straighten your shoulders,

And move on.

Wipe away your tears and know you’re stronger than you ever gave yourself credit for.

You did this,

And you’ll live.


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