Plagued by Light


As a child, the world around me seemed bright, 

The vibrant hues of nature and life

Intrigued me so with a blinding light

That masked the toils and strife.

Through art, I found myself,

Seeking a passion for what I liked

But vibrant colors only masked my pain.

Doomed to depict the light of life. 

Through science, I found myself,

Through observation, I learned more about myself

But every time the bell rung, 

I was back a square one. 

O' how lonely the road to knowledge was

How dark it was

Illuminated only by the light of life. 

Through religion, I searched again

For an end to the eternal darkness of life. 

Again, to no surprise, I found illumination

That blinded all sight. 

I gave into it- it consumed me. 

I gave into a world plagued by light. 





This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world
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