Playing in the Sand


I look around

At all the girls looking down

I understand

I was once that girl playing in the sand

I know of the haunting pasts

And I know of the shady casts

I can relate to your fear

And how all you really want is your life to be clear

I get it...i can see

How you think your mistakes are all that you'll ever be

Because remember...I was that girl once

I also have that stuff on my conscience

But let me tell you, young girl looking down

Those memories, those mistakes

Those past times, those drinks

They don't define you, and let me tell you how

Those times are in the past

And this hurt and pain and regret...none of it will last

Your smile, your love,

Those are the things noticed from above.

I promise, young girl, with your head hanging down,

You might've been lost, but you will be found

Don't give up

Please don't quit

Raise your head,

Because you're worth it

Ya, I know I tell you straight

Because, young lady I know this is not your fate

Don't be another young girl

Who allows her life to swirl

All because of a past

That she wishes was recast

Girl, the truth is, you CAN choose again

You CAN lift those eyes

Instead of playing in the sand.





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