Poetry is My Recovery

Sat, 06/29/2013 - 08:53 -- Me96

My life has been fairly easy
Besides living with a mom who doesn't love me
Depending on Food Stamps for our next meal
Can't buy necessities without a good deal
My dad works all hours to make ends meet
While my mom is out running the streets
My parents have separated 2 times before
At any given time his stuff was thrown out the door
My friendships have never lasted long
I thought she meant it but I was wrong
Cancer couldn't resist leaving its mark in my life
Last May the strongest woman I've ever known died
Shortly after that I found relief in a knife
Three times I tried to take my own life
Only by the grace of God was I saved
I still don't know why even to this day
It has been a tedious road to recovery
I found a traveling companion in poetry
Sometimes I still get the urges to cut
I can't always resist them but
As long as I have a pencil in my hand
The enemy can be sifted away like sand


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