A Politician's Hypocrisy

The day that a politician berates the hypocrisy that plagues their flawed program is the day that politics becomes extinct.

In place of fanged teeth and outstretched claws,

There will be a tamed beast beast whose strong set jaw vows to you,

That he will lay at your door to protect you.

Where when he waits for intruders he does not leave his post,

Nor does he keep his watchful gaze on you while those on the outskirts keep coming ever closer.

For you see,

Tamed beasts keep their word.


The day that a politician promises change,

I will remind him of paper money predicaments that have become more important than real people problems.

Where every paper policy predicts the probable outcome that the poor will have to pay.

Where there are people starving in the street begging for extra change,

While politicians in perfect houses keep promising to make a change,

But it’s hard to save the world when you refuse to change your mind,

Where while struggling to save your morals you leave everyone else’s far behind.

For you see,

You can’t make a change without first changing yourself.


The day a hypocritic politician pledges to listen to my pleas,

I will find it difficult to believe him,

When I catch him tip-toeing around the question,

As if it were poison,

Instead of a young girl’s curious intentions.

For you see,

I have found my reasons in a flawed government as to why I can’t trust anyone at this moment,

Because hypocrisy is a lesson learned from leaders,

So until politicians condemn the hypocrisy that plagues their flawed program,

Then I can’t be expected to either.


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