Fri, 01/03/2014 - 22:45 -- skyross


I'll seek out the good in everything that comes my way be it personal, communal, or global,

Although, I struggle to keep a positive outlook,

Yet not everything is good as it may seem,

Everyone has their own way to mute the world as do I,

Not to ignore what is happening but to wash it away,

Some people take action, others do not.


What has society and the media done? Always negative, Never Positive

Then we ask ourselves why,

Some people are not what they say they are,

They hide under society’s veil of lies.


Positive? What is Positive? Is to be happy or sad?

People block the world of its evil, 

Either by listen to music or not watching the news,

But I listen and analysis to better understand why some things happen,

Not to say at times I don't block out the world as other people do.

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