Preference vs. Importance

Fri, 05/16/2014 - 14:44 -- Jdw708


What really gets under my skin
Is that my "so called" mortal sin
Determined not by God but people
Causes such a great upheaval.
As the world watches starvation
And the crumbling of the nations
All that's noticed are my hands
Which will not be held by a man's.
Many of lives are lost at war
The rape and murders you ignore
Just to discuss my sexual preference 
With a blatant lack of deference.
If as a woman I do choose
To love a woman, I refuse
To walk through this life blindly
Because i'm not treated kindly.
If who I love causes more stress
Than the world's problems, I digress
That it is you who may be sickly
And your discontent is strictly
Based upon views non contextual
Of me being homosexual.


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