I don't want believe it. Do you? That lurking feeling creeping in you. When your "good" words and "good" thoughts make you "stronger". Upon roaches and rats that weren't any less wronger.

In fact you're the cause. The true one at fault.   So don't give me that crap that you follow the salt. The salt and light you hold so dear to chest. Or that wasn't you who said "yo Almighty give it a rest!"

 Take off  your earphones & here me out. Because it benefits you. Let's take detour and take a new route. Cuz you can't buzz off God, like you do with that drug.

You calling me hypocrite cuz you know that I lie. Living a double life, well at least I try. Mr and Mrs. Know-it-all, if you DIDNT know, church is another word for the hospital. For the ones that are broken, the rejected, and lost. Complaining for the offering a dollar it cost.

Now stop right there. I'm not finished yet. And neither is God, whom you've already met. What's with the face? Do you still feel appalled? I reckon this isn't the first he's called. So I'll need to be loud and clear. No sugar-coat. If you miss this last call, I'll say goodbye to you here. Ill be one of those crazy ones, on the streets that tell. Keep taking this as a joke, youll be the one hell. So quit smirking and laughing. Taking it to amuse. Because we all know it's a cheap, lame excuse. Now is the time to let go of the tears. The chains of sin and bondage, that once fueled your fear. Because he still loves you and he wants you near.

We are nothing to the dirt on his feet. Yet he holds us a mansion, for the day when we meet.

He took the shot! bang! No. That cannot suffice.  It's more in the lines of the ultimate sacrifice. Tearing and blood. Spit, vomit, pain, Of THIS world's ongoing black stain. The king of kings, muddy and ragged. I can still hear it, all that you nagged. 30 silver coins was all it took. If it happened today, we would all say we were shook. Its truly honorable, all he has done. Remember. He didn't have to. If it were you, would you run? But he didnt. HE paid our price. While you here blasphemy the name of Jesus Christ.

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Our world