If the eyes are the window to the soul.
Yours is powerful & captivating.
In your eyes it's like an Egyptian sunset.
Not knowing you I regret.
A unique soul of purity & gold.
Lyrics sung & told.
Your body died before it got old.
Millions of albums you produced & sold.
Music you left thee earth.
Perfected & rehearsed.
An unpublished memoir.
Transcended & soared.
Wish you had stayed to give us more.
"A slave to money then you die".
The sudden end of your life made me cry.
I wish alive in the flesh you had stayed.
To early sent to your grave.
The way to independence you paved.
I think of you all day.
And dream of you every night.
An end too soon was not right.
Rest in peace.
Your spirit was released.
I hope your soul is alright.
Descended from flight.
A private person but a public figure.
Generous without a gold digger.
Your voice & music was a gift to all.
You stood 5 feet two inches tall.
Your angelic face & in your high heels.
Your performance made us feel.
Happy or sad.
Too bad you couldn't have been my daughter's dad.
You would have been the best husband or father.
I was too blind to be bothered.
What­'s remaining.
Take care
I wish I had been there.
You had gorgeous hair.
Soft hands.
A talented band.
Thank you for the entertainment.
It had been a pleasure arrangement.


Dylan Moran

Couldn't have said goodbye to one of my favorite artists any better.


Were  you referring to Christina Grimmie?  I am so sad about that.  


wow so amazing, and breath taking.

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