Princess Potential

Wed, 08/30/2017 - 23:37 -- teddym

Even princesses have to go to High School to take on the world!

This is how their teenage years unfurled…


Tiana’s favorite class was Culinary Arts;

She’d make the best blueberry tarts.

But she wasn’t so fond of Biology,

Dissecting frogs wasn’t animal friendly.


Ariel collected so many things in her locker.

In all her classes, she was a very avid talker.

She was captain of the swim team,

And she kept her hair very clean.


If you want to hear what happened to our favorite tired princess,

All she was in need of was a little bit of rest.

She stayed up late on homework each day,

Didn’t know how to prioritize, so she turned in her work late.


Cinderella, on the other hand,

Was constantly daydreaming in class.

Sketching dresses and designs,

So she ended up taking a fashion class online.


Snow White was a soloist in choir,

Her vocal range only stretched higher and higher!

Community Service was one thing she adored!

When she was helping others, she never got bored.


All princesses should be given an education,

And get to have a graduation.

To learn and to open their eyes,

To set out into the world and fly!