Pro-Create With You

Tue, 10/30/2012 - 10:54 -- DayDay


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Pro-create with You

Said you liked what you saw
When I bared all for you.
We've done the foreplay, no need to re-play;
I'm ready to pro-create with you.
After the stripping is done
Now I'm ready to fully expose
Every length, strength, and hard part of me
To pierce deep through your soul.
I'd break through all the secrets you hold.
Grind to find all your hidden gold.

I'd feed you my powers
To nourish your inside;
Everything that broke your spirits down,
I'd fill you up, if you open wide.
Let me in all the deepest, darkest places -
The spots that make you weak,
Are all spaces that I seek
To give you ecstacy you never knew you could feel.

I'd stroke the back of your sensitivity with tenderness,
As I searched within your wilderness
To find the true powers of which it exudes.
Just lay back and relax, let me do all your worrying.
Let me softly caress every emotional fear,
Every self-insufficiency,
Every trace of pain,
Every doubt in your mind - throw it away!!!
You're with me and I'll protect your mind, body and soul.

The purity of your body was not understood in the past.
I'm here to pro-create stability with you,
Something TRUE and gauranteed to LAST!
Pro-creating while celebrating,
Communicating, not just during love-making,
But everyday decision-making,
Contemplating every action we're taking together
As two beings that have become one.
That's the kind of sex I want with my baby.
Ridin' each other's mental 'ponies',
Taking each other to a mental, emotional, and spiritual climax
That you just can't get from the physical sex organs.

My aim is to love you,
To protect you,
To keep you feeling safe and secure.
And many times we may go through days
When we drive each other up the wall.
Times when we don't feel worthy,
Or when things get so hard that we want to give up.
This is when we recognize the pro-creation process.
It's not to over-analyze,
Or even characterize in terms of how others see us.
The (creating after) is building -
Building from what we already possess between us.

Love don't change people,
It invigorates how we feel, think, and act.
It just needs to be found.
And baby I've found that with you.
You are the truth -
I have solemnly testified that you have
Pro-created within me the love that I have for you.
If you feel the same
Nothing should hold you back from showing it to me.
You've stripped for me.
The hardest part is over.
Now it's time for you to let me
Pro-create with you.


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