the problem

there is an infinite number of reasons on why i do the things i do

there is an infinite number of reasons on why i say the things i say

but i cant seem to find the reasons for you to do the things you do

i cant seem to find the reasons for you to say the things you say.

you feel a way i cannot seem to fully comprehend when i say things or do things 

i'm the fuze to your bomb.

im the catalyst in your anger.

i set you off like 4th of july fireworks

... but its not that pretty

but let ME tell YOU something

you are the spark to my anger

the kick-off to my frustration

the acutation to me wanting to blow my head off

you are merely the reason why i have these pimples

you are a pain in the ass

i hate it. 

i hate how you get mad for the littlest of things

i hate how sometimes you push me away


i hate how you stop talking 

i hate how you try and avoid the conversation

i hate that you raise your voice at me when theres no need to

i hate that you add the "aaaaaa" after your words when you're aggravated at me

i hate this 

i hate that

i hate arguing with you. 

i hate all the bickering and all the smart remarks we make to eachother

im tired

im exhausted of it 

constantly only wanting a simple conversation with you,

all i get is a pointless argument that leads to the "i love you's" and the "i miss you's" 

you know what i say?

i say we skip it all

we skip the bickering

we skip the argument

we just pass the page

everytime we're going to start to fight, we stop. 

and just go straight to the "i love you's" and the "i miss you's"

the arguing 

the bickering

the fighting

it's getting us nowhere

it's driving us insane.

and insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, and you're just getting the same results

but lets stop getting the same results 

lets create a new experiment

lets come up with a brand new hypothesis

lets have a better outcome.

and i will try every possible experiment 

i will come up with endless conjectures

i will do anything.

but you must join me

join me in this journey. 

hold my hand, and lets come up with untried conclusions

lets do it.

just you and i. 

i will do

for you

because our love is deep

our love is strong

our love is effortless

so, try it with me. 





This is so powerful

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