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Our situation is an oddity,

But honestly, it's got to be.

He promised me

To the Nth degree

He fell for me.


And I ran with that.

Matter-o-fact I take it back

I captured that

Like Pokémon

I dealt the cards 

And hoped he didn't lead me on.


Until he said those three words

And exited my car.

And shut the door like he was 

Bottling a large jar

For those words to bounce around my head,

Make me go insane.

I swear to God those three words 

Stuck to my membrane.


My hands shook the wheel.

I thought, "I could never deal

With all of the mixed up emotions that I feel

For a guy who’s going to leave in June."

But damn were his eyes brighter than the moon.


So I picked up this game,

Like we all tend to do.

You know, those of us who yearn to live

Two by two.


And to me, he's the snowflake

That you know won't last all day.

Or the castle built in the sand

That will just get washed away.

But you build it anyway,

As if it were here to stay,

'Cause the sun will set even on the very best day.


And I always found it cliché,

At this age,

To say love.

Until one autumn day gave me a 

Push and a shove and said,

"Wake up! Stop dreaming!

Where have you been?

You've been waiting and waiting to feel

What you feel within."


So I said it.

"I love you."

And I felt our minds click.

But at that very same time

I heard the clock start to tick.


And all the people with their eyes,

They just didn't understand

Why my fingers were always

Intertwined in his hand.


But what would you do

If you were living in dark,

Then suddenly something 

Appeared like a spark

And the sun began to rise 

Into a wide arc; 

It was beautiful and you knew that you wanted it?


Man, you'd lie on your back

And bathe in the street.

And ignore the judgmental 

Sound of feet 

That created harsh beats

Upon the concrete.

You would stare at that sun till it set. 


So before you judge me,

Take a walk in this shoe.

If the sun in the sky

That was so bright and so new

Began to disappear...

Man what would you do

If the sun in your heart

Started to set on you?




Beautiful darling! Beautiful!!


Absolutley amazing!

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

nice poem

well written piece

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