Tue, 11/03/2015 - 21:33 -- BvbyLin

I was always taught that being polite was ladylike 

That there is always something worth fighting for I am an apologyI shouldn’t be so hard to explain When there are wires running through your heartburn Telling you to jump Telling you the water won’t kill you Love is a cliff Knocks your tiara down a dark valley Makes you small Takes you too long to get over him Remember his smile Remember how it laughed with you Remember the day it stopped Remember his promises Wipe last night from your eyes Say I am my own destructionI can wake up whole without him Wash his clothes Fold them nicely on the porch Show him a woman Who is too young To be fighting so hard He never deserved youGet your backbone off the counter Lock the door behind you Buy a new crown Pay it full out in cash Tell him your sorry For ever being too good to him For ever believing his poison wasn’t lethal For ever letting him watch you burn Wipe your smile Two feet firm Erase his everything from your lips Wash your clothes Wash the scent from every room Think better thoughts than his I am a castle Now see how strong I can be Without him 

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