Questions: a reminder

A reminder for gratitude ... every day


Hebrews 10:3 

But in those sacrifices, there is a reminder of sins every year.



Questions and gratitude


Duck feathers in my pillow ... how did this ducky die?

To make my sleep more comfy as I wander through the night.

As my flesh is resting and my spirit Heaven bound

did not that ducky sacrifice for me to be all right?


Veggies on the table to feed my hungry flesh,

did the plants give themselves without any complaining?

Did they give their existence as a sacrifice

to give me the opportunity to Heaven’s insight gaining?


Meat on a plate ... that I am really enjoying

to feed my hungry face ... as a regular treat.

Did the animal know and gave itself freely

as a sacrifice for me ... and mine in need?


Jan Wienen


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