Dashing o’er a thousand hills,

Gliding through the forests,

Dancing o’er a million fields,

Soaring o’er the jungles.


I sing a delightful melody,

I sing the tune of love,

I sing the song of the happy lovers,

I dance to the music of the birds.


I descend from the heavens,

From the palace of Gods,

Like the pearls in an Oyster,

Like the blessings of the lord.

The faries and the elves,

Nestling in the beautiful flowers,

They smile and they wink,

As they soothing my soothing arms.


I am the joy of the flowers,

I am the laughter of the rivers,

I am the chirping of the birds,

I am life, I am love.


I murmur sweet words,

As I pass by the fields,

I play with the sea,

As I fall from the heavens.


I calm the restless soul,

I lessen the anguish and the pain,

I wash and heal an open wound,

I save the souls insane.


I am the love, I am the joy,

I am the peace, I am the cry,

I am the euphoria of elated minds,

I am rain.



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