The rain and You

Everytime i see the rain i think of time as it drops when it drops i hear the splash the splash goes around and around when it hits the window it drops and drops i wonder if that's why it look's like blood. blood is red rain is plan you can see threw it! like it's white and clear as you see it sometime's you dont realize when i look at you i see the spark in your eye's i like the spark in your eye's i like how sometime's you dont realize how you have the spark in your eye's it's like the rain is attach to me as you look i stare i wonder if that's why i'm attach to the rain to the water it's cause of you is it bad or good? I think it's good cause you have my heart in your hand's you can do whatever you what it crush break it tear it apart it will keep beating just for you . I watch the rain as it goes drip drop as i am hidden thinking of what i can do to make it keep dropping so you can be happy i notice your happyer when the rain is around i dont wear a jacket with the rain i wear regular clothe's i notice how your parent's wont let you i get up and go to you say Hello i say Hi we talked i love seeing you happy i help u confivce your parent's to let you dress how you want to be comtrable we talked and talked i love talking to you .

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Our world
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Emma maye

Mostly this is about someone i care about there always sad when there is no rain around so i alwaays hope the rain comes so they smile and when there smile shows it lights up my whole world and life 

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