Raindrops fall in my head,

Reminding me it was never enough.

I used to miss you standing by my side,

I used to wish for you to come back to me.

Now I find myself praying for you to stay away.

Raindrops continue to fall in my head,

Flooding my thoughts,

Drowning me in the memories.

No one deserves this pain,

But, it’s better off me than someone else.

Raindrops forever fall in my head,

Telling me I’m ready to let it go.

Giving me the strength to continue swimming,

Giving me the courage to stitch my heart back up.

The secret you’ve created will forever stay between us.


This poem is about: 



Sorry I can’t like or share with anyone else

but I want to tell you that your poems are really beautiful 

and that thanks to them I understand why people say poems can change our lifes

Your poems will forever stay in my heart 

so thank you a lot for sharing them.


Thank you so much, your words mean the world to me<3<3

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