Rated 4 out of ten

Proverbs 15:11 New English Translation (NET Bible)

11 Death and Destruction are before the Lord—
how much more the hearts of humans!




Four out of ten ...


Rated four do I need more

than just appreciation?

On the bottom floor is an open door

to communicate my designation.


Circles here and circles there

nothing but limitations.

Reaching so far but not up to par

how to reach that destination?


My goals high and expectations low

with the company's motivation.

It wants more not like before

but to understand their elevation?


Sincerity high so I like to try

misunderstanding's aggravation.

Sincere but wrong now an endless song

the end misspells frustration.


Some progress made like a clean slate

not really for success on probation?

Only limited by a vision on trial

and human nature's acclamation.


Changes without a substantiating doubt

knowing inner man's proclamation.

It cannot change unless God proclaims

that change without limitations.


Jan Wienen


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My community


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