Ready. Aim. Fire.

Sat, 05/03/2014 - 21:30 -- hm7809

I want to welcome you to the depths of my mind

inside a world you will hardly find...

anything but my trembling thoughts that won't tolerate cosine. 

I'm not trying to slam the issues of the city

but nearly introduce the world to some sort of pity!

We live in a world where they first say we are free just like the best things in life

and the men  hope they find a wife and the insecure girls want to put down the knife.

What a life! But that's not what makes my insides cave and what implores my future grave

What I can't stand is the sound of a gun.

How we load it graciously and keep it close to our hearts, trying not to hurt certain parts, hiding them in shopping carts, or sneaking them into mini marts.

When the bullet with no name not aiming for fame, just playing a game, that's still the same that takes a life of the little boy who was sane.

and we allow those arms to fire in the easiest way possible!

so who do we blame?

the person behind the gun or the person who gave him the death of someone's son.

what makes me tick is when the rounds in the gun click and doesnt go off like tick tick tick to give someone warning or a sign it takes a life of many and takes over my mind.

It makes me sick.

blood stains and rivers of tears that stream endlessly together never searching for a forever looking for better weather .

Bullets pile up just as quickly as the bodies 

and we ignore the fact of gun violence is growing and growing bigger than you and I.


So I sigh while I turn on the TV to hear about someone else who died.

My thoughts begin to hang 

then the pistol says bang!



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