Sun, 06/23/2019 - 22:08 -- bdurznt

Reality and I, we just don’t mix

It has never been easy for me to simply face it

I prefer to remain comfortable in my own fantasy world

Here I am unbothered and at peace with myself 

Even when I think I am safe, reality finds a way to invite itself in


Until I get myself to deal with it, only because I need to deal with it 

I try not to think about it- although that was so much easier when I was younger

I only had to worry about which show I wanted to watch or which ice cream flavor I wanted

Now I am confronted with who I chose to keep in my life because apparently not everyone is your friend or even what my LinkedIn profile should say because I desperately need to prepare for my future

Because the truth is trying to silence reality only makes it louder

Reality demands to be faced and until we do we never truly mature

They say ignorance is bliss but in reality ignorance only creates more problems

Until we learn to accept what it really is over what we believe only then will we be able to progress

Even though reality is not what I want, it is what I need

To be a better person, a stronger person and to be the person I intend to be

Reality and I, we don’t mix but I sure am glad it exists

This poem is about: 
Our world


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