Reality By: Victoria Garcia-Talbott

Wed, 07/15/2015 - 22:39 -- tgarcia

Looking in the mirror,

What do you see?

I see a person who hides behind their personality.

You “change” your hair, your style, “trying” to look “artsy”.

But Haven’t you learned “fitting in” is impossible why don’t you try originality?

I get it, your hurt.

Distressed by incompetent people and their unkind words.

But why cave in and change “YOU” by the hand of their brutality?

A person should not be defined by their physical or mental capabilities,

Nor by the fabric and the makeup of their skin,

Or just by the fact “YOU JUST WANT TO FIT IN.”

I beg of you please keep your sanity.

Please don’t loose yourself by the hand of someone else’s vanity.

“THEY” think they are just messing around,

thinking their words are just vibrations of sounds.

Never knowing that their words could lead to fatalities,

And yet tragically, this is the normality.

A child is bullied,

Cursed with harsh profanity.

Judged by their looks, nationality, and their sexuality.

Then finally can not take the hurt any more crying out savagely,

And take a leap off a bridge losing all sense of rationality.

Stuck to the hot cement thanks to gravity.

Never knowing the hurt, you caused to your family.

In the end, who cares about hospitality?

They say the same words sentimentality.

“I’m sorry for your lost. He was a good kid, and She was very nice.”

Never. Meant. A . Word. Honestly…

This world needs a change, drastically.

No-one bullied, and everyone loved for their beautiful qualities.

Let everyone know that they are loved because of their humanity, for no one deserves to be pained by someone else’s insanity.

You are amazing in your own way, no matter what disability, and that I say should be written constitutionality.


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