The Reason Why I Write


I don't want to be

the same as others

I want to stand out

among the crowd

I want to be the sore thumb

amongst soft, fine fingers

I want to be the blue among the red

the vibrant, bright yellow

amongst the dull, boring black


I want to be me

in a world that won't let me

that sayd I MUST conform

to societies standards


I want ot be a free bird,

flying high through the wind

with my only worries that of

food, sleep, and shelter


The one place I know

I can be free

is on this white, blue, and red striped paper

the blank one in front of me


It won't judge me on what I write

it doesn't care

so long as I can write


It wants to hear what I have to write

it just want me to be me

and nothing else


To write what I feel

what I believe in

and what I don't


To write my thought and feelings

my dreams and nightmares

my worries and cares


I write because pens, paper, and words

are my only weapon

against this world and the people in it


The page want to sat

"Be free. Be you. Be differen't."

And I will

because this,

this is why I write.


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