Red Dress


United States
39° 16' 33.1608" N, 94° 59' 50.8056" W

She came to me one night
With a red dress that burned my eyes.
And I could swear I saw my name stitched into the seems.

Reducing me.

One by one,
I climbed the steps to her house.
And one by one,
I tore the seems on her dress apart.
One by one,
The stitches that spelled my name were destroyed.
And one by one,
I heard bullets loaded into a gun.
...And then she shot me.


The Frozen Arsonist

I don't know if it was supposed to or not, but this poem made me laugh so hard.

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

poem reminds me of a suspense thriller in a movie

action that reached its climax-funny with a bitter twist

entertaining poem

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