I write to release my stress I write to escape the world Poetry is the thing I use to escape this place called the human world I use poetry to show that there is not only hatred in my heart and mind but love and  happiness as well My inspiration comes from the nights sky, the stars are my ideas The darkness is the extent to my ideas  The moon is my mind  I use the nights sky as my inspiration to show that my mind is not calm The sky is full of great things  The night is beautiful but is filled with chaos When I'm stuck or upset or even happy my ideas are always there ready to be spilled out  onto paper  The way my mind is, it is never bare There is always something going on in my mind, it makes me happy The ideas that flow through my head is what makes me who I am I have been betrayed and know my heart and soul runs wild I have a choice to be who a I'm and what am  The feeling that I get when I am in front of ideas Is spectacular  I think, that this is what I need I might seem dark but that's just life Poetry is about expressing emotions And becoming one with the paper I choose to honor that way and control my mind through  ideas Nothing is perfect my mind is not perfect, people are not perfect So why should my ideas be, why should I be  


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