Thu, 03/05/2015 - 19:24 -- bcsmith


It’s the same exact spot

Where it happened.

Walking past it everyday

I cannot help but imagine

Another way it could have gone.

The crashing is silenced.


I arrive at my house and it is silent.

That day, that spot

Haunts me and it’s not gone

From my thoughts, but what happened

Is only a figment of my imagination?

And so I begin to write everyday.


The first day was the hardest but everyday

It gets easier until my brain is silenced

And emptied. I can no longer imagine

A memory, now only a spot

In the past, like it never happened

Like it’s almost gone.


Yet, the feeling isn’t gone.

I still feel it deep in my soul everyday

Sneaking up, like it just happened.

And the emotion cannot be silenced.

So I return to this deadly spot

To sit, breathe, and imagine


That it is a lovely place. Imagine

That the burn and sour taste is gone.

I leave my thought letters in the spot

And visit them every day.

Now the pounding has been silenced

By what surrounds the place that it happened.


I believe that what happened

Will be stopped again by others imagination.

By a release of the silence.

We will create and then gone

Will be the crushing pain everyday

Found in each and every spot.


 In my spot I no longer see what happened

I see a silenced pain as I walk by everyday

And I imagine that all the world’s pain will soon be gone.

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