i have so many memories of you

i remember them every time i see your face

the rememories that never leave

are the ones that cut the hardest

not because they have the longest blade

but because they are covered in hemlock and 

stain the blood in my veins 

long after i pull them from my back.

Theyre supposed to be pretty

like the diamonds and gold on the handles

prettier than the ebony and obsidian 

of the darkly remeniscient deaths

but they stain the ruby-red blood

a horrible shade of hate and anger and disgust:

a million shades of loss disguised as gray.

And the rememories etched onto each blade

are branded into my skin every time

a knife draws blood. and i can 

look at my arms and read the stories

behind every slash and scar

because i can read the etchings

of rememories long lost

even though the rest of the world

just sees razor sharp and blood red.

I know the rememories.


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