Rusted, dirty kennels litter the floor

Their occupants gave up after mistreat and gore.

A tiny pair of eyes begging you to help

In the small room where all things yelp.

But those blue, brimming eyes

Aren't close to a disguise,

For all the hurt and pain

These souls did nothing to gain. 

"Who cares about them,

Their lives don't compare!"

But these statements are wrong

Why do they deserve to despair.

Old or new,

They still want nothing but to be loved by you.

And for your care they will return

A loyalty and love that will burn and burn.

Brighter than the sun

More playful than fun

Deeper than the ocean

More active than motion.

That heart beats for you alone

And when it stutters its final repeat,

Your own heart will be filled by a love that can't be beat.

One day you shall join them again in Heaven's fescue

And be forever glad you gave your heart to a rescue.

This poem is about: 
Our world