Right Mindset

Tue, 01/13/2015 - 13:48 -- jeriber

I wake up,

I look in the mirror

and I see this beautiful girl

staring back at me.

I look at my waist,

my belly,

my thighs,

twice the size of my friends

who brag about not eating at lunch

but I don't blame them

I blame everyone else

I blame the boys who tell me 

I'm nothing compared to them

but tell them they are worthless too

I look at her and I wish I could hate myself again

but I can't

I have worked so hard to love myself

so hard to stitch up these wounds 

she never meant to make 

I have tended to so much heartbreak 

over myself

I have grown to love what holds my soul

together somehow.

I love myself for 

more than my size

I love myself 

for my size

I can grow to show others

so much love now

more than I ever though possible.

I have somehow

finally achieved

the right mindset.


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