Where are we going?
Do you know where we've been?
Has the ACTION of love,
been swept away by our sin?

You can throw your bottles
and riot in rage,
as the great leaders before us
roll over in their graves.

Now Browns death was not neccessary,
nor was it acceptable
But you are fighting the wrong fight.

Why do you do this?
Because of the color of your skin?
Yes, of course racism is alive and well,
but we let it continue. I mean, we did let it begin.
Why should we ever hate?
It begins at our youth.
As people we long for a fire,
But sometimes, that fire burns you.

So stop killing yourself stop destroying society
be a hero that inspires others to be.

So i know we can change this.
There is plenty of time.
Im not beating a dead horse,
i'm just changing your mind.

Where Dr. Martin's dream gone?
Certainly not  to a raging fire or broken glass.
Its a truly honest question.
Everyone should ask.

I want to start a a revolution
With words so bold,
To destroy the heart of flesh
and replace it with gold.
To change who i am,
to go against the grain,
to exstinguish the hatred
and start a new flame.

Love is that fire,
and Love is the truth.
Because love begins with God,
But it continues, or ends,
with you.


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