Rise up


United States
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They think there so strong
Picking on you all day long
I know it feels wrong
You feel weak wondering why should I go on
But take heart
Because before too long
You will be the one that is strong
For they are truly weak
And one day through their simple eyes will see
That what they did was wrong and deep
Now this is where you must be great
To swallow all your harbored hate
And forgive the one you feel you cant
Although bulling is sick, wrong, and demented
Screwing with a poor kid who was tormented
If that poor kid can find forgiveness
Then the up rise of change will be relentless
You will all rise up knowing
That forgiveness is a strong than hate
That the poor kid who felt he was weak
Was truly the one who could be meek
Became stronger than that of the bully
And rose above the rest in forgiving the one he thought he could never beat

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