Road of memories


He was just a punk

just a boy

who was never satisfied

with who i was

or wanted to be

he just wanted pain

he wanted that pride


That road of memories

sending pain through my soul

the soul i gave

i gave my all and

he gave me a sliver

of my heart

through my back


who did he think?

he think he was? 

to burn my dreams

and take my heart

he threw it on the ground

shattered it to shreds


you dont really know 

how he made me feel

like a child who he

stole everything from

my life my love

my wonder for things



things, before him

were awesome and bright

now inside theres a hole

a crater filled with tears

what a punk, a boy

typical, not a shred of care



If he never grows up

i pity the heart 

the heart he will steal

the heart he will break

little pieces scattered

on the long road

the road of memories...


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