Robot Smelting

Robot winding up the gears.

Every morning going through the motions

Till summer appears,

Thinking of nothing but summer

All through the school year.

Then the last day happens

And freedom is here!

Robots exhausted

Can't compute things anymore

Need a break

A short vacation

Cycle neverending

All that stress and confusion

All the anger and sadness

No longer my problem

As I sit here,

I think about food, friend, and fun

Not thinking about computations

Robot mask gone

But then I stop and think


Is that me?

I feel so superfacial

Like no one understands me

Hiding parts of myself

That others can't relate to

So the robot never leaves me

Just the newest make and model

I want to be heard and respected

I have thoughts and feelings too

Not just a Barbie doll

Looking pretty

There's a brain behind the mask

I am here, won't be ignored

Not shut up behind closed doors

Fighting to break though

Make a difference if I can

I am human

No robot in a machine

I was not programmed

I was made to be me

No shadow of myself

No scared child

Trying to be heard

I am confident in who I am

Every aspect of me shining

Like a rainbow from a prism

The same but diverse

Growing, changing

Nature of life

School starts again

Don on my robot guise?

No, I will STAND

I WILL speak my mind!


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