candy voices stained sweet with lust and desire

fill the room my head the world every night on the hour

like summer days too far gone

the smell of burning sugar

or the slippery feel of chiffon

these narratives are clocks

ticking in strict rough schedules

repeating repeating repeating




We do not live in these televised screens,

Sweet dreams morphed to alter perceptions,

Or fairy tale stories retold in happy tunes.

Reality presents the nutrients,

Essential to sturdiness in the tree of us.

This tree we grow between us two,

Needs strong roots that work like glue,

Holding us together through Honesty,

Pulling our branches closer with Respect.


Our bark stands strong through Care, Support,

And Communication that helps make things clear,

Like bright, plentiful sunshine filtering through a blurry window.

When our branches shake and threaten to fall,

Compromise keeps us strong, helping us pull our weight,

Guiding us through the storm.


 “Because I Love You”,

Should not be thrown loosely,

Used to achieve a goal,

Or as a way to provide comic relief.

These words should encompass,

Responsibility and Sharing,

Truth and Understanding,

And sharing of a life,

In multiple spectrums. 

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