Did you find yourself,

staring at a wall,

that never stared back?


Or did you become overwhelmed,

with the amount of space that surrounds all of us,

and the scowls on each face passing by?


Maybe you realized the Earth is surrounded by darkness,

with stars that don’t shine as bright as we say.


 You saw millions of suns shining their light,

but you knew you were the crescent moon;

never whole and only around when nobody’s around.


The last grain of sand has dropped,

and the words are expired,

leaving a bitter taste on my tongue.

But I will still tell you,

the crescent moon doesn’t go unnoticed.


The restless noticed you,

you were the only one they had at such hours,

and they would stare at your beauty.

You shined so brightly when there was only a sliver of you left. 


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