Rudy Was Someone's Baby, Too.

People are cruel.
Ducklings, goslings, and chicks are hatched each spring
to be dyed and put in a child's Easter basket.
They are sold off for the temporary joy of their size and faces.
They grow up too.
They need love even when they are big.
Their size increases so quickly
but they can't help that,
yet they are thrown onto the ponds into nature, small and defenseless.
They're thrown from the child they see as their mom
and the warm indoors of the house.
Rudy was someone's baby too.
He was left on the icy pond with a box and teddy bear on the bank.
Nothing to protect him.
All alone separated from the one he loved
and who he thought loved him even more.
But he grew up and no one wanted him anymore because he was messy.
He was just a little yellow fuzzy duckling
who needed someone to return his love.
Rudy was one of the lucky ones.
Miss Jenn and Mr. Mike found him and now he's their baby.
Others are not as fortunate.
These babies are no different than human babies.
They're a full time committment.
Be responsible and think of Rudy when
you see some hungry ducks and geese.
Take a few minutes of your time to throw them some food
and give them some love.


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