A rule to remember

Mon, 04/16/2018 - 02:53 -- J-parch

I have one life to live 

so I’ll have to make do 

But I cannot stop wishing 

that I had two 

If I ever got lucky 

and my wish came true 

I’d make sure that my life 

Was the same as the first 

Because I know the rule

That’ll make it all work 

When you live 

Live to learn 

But while you learn 

Learn to teach 

Cause that’s a skill 

That You’ll have to keep 

When you have a problem 

You’ll solve it with ease 

It’s when you teach yourself 

You need no one to teach 

In life 

There is no one else 

Who can hear your heartbeat 

And have it felt 

when you listen 

You should always question 

Even if it has to take a second 

It may be better to delete the message 

While moving on to a new inception 

You may fail to notice 

But from birth your destined 

To dance in heaven 

And that’s no expression 

You can ask the reverend 

He’ll respond

Every single person 

Has to die 

You can hear the truth 

Or you can hear a lie 

But it’s what you do 

That gets stuck in time 

There’s no perfect world 

That you have to find

just find yourself 

When you search your mind 









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