How to run away from your life:

1. put on music to drown out your thoughts

and s.t.r.e.s.s.

2. scroll through youtube and instagram to see what you've missed

in the twenty mintues you actually managed to stay focused

3. look up online books to read to feel better about your non-existent love life

and great best friends.

4. read obsessively- hiding from all your family pretending you're doing homework 

and going to sleep "early" 

when you're actually staying up till 2 am to finish it.

was it actually THAT GOOD?

or could you just not put it down until it was done so you'd feel like 

you actually did something?

for once.

5. eat whenever you get stressed 

you'll feel so much better when you're full, I promise...

especially when you're staring at the empty ice cream carton and brownie crumbs

sprinkled on the counter.

6. purposely miss your prayers to add to your self-inflicted guilt 

knowing you're only hurting yourself.

7. pity yourself and everything you wish you could have-

a pretty face

a put together life

a best friend

a boyfriend

good grades

a healthy body


meaning in your life

to love yourself

pride in what you do... enjoyment.

being happy.

what does that mean anymore?







don't run. 

it's hard. 

the world's biggest understatement.

stay... and own your flaws.

look in the mirror and acknowledge all of your missed opportunities. 

then move on.

be better than yesterday.

than even two minutes ago.

take a deep breath and relish it knowing you might not have many more.

live fully

but... you can't do that unless you stop running

so slow down and walk. 

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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