I'm glad i have a chance to see you today.
It's all good man, i got you some grapes.
You smile and send a nod my way, It feels so good to see your face.
Your touch is weak, the doctor says you cant speak,
 but that doesn't bother me just happy i can hear you breathe.
I see something in your eyes; proof you recognize
and i'm glad i stopped by: i think this might be the last time.
I talk shit from when we were young; the things I've said, the things you've done.
Pretty soon you'll be seeing your mum; please give her all my love.

It's a nice room you got.
That nurse is pretty hot.
Shit mate I'll tell you what...

Sitting as you sicken in your bed
I'm with you but i'm scared.
You're my oldest friend.
Heart monitor filling my head
i'm sick with the regret, i'll never see you again.

Cancer man; i hate it, it's like no one can escape it.
No one is safe or sacred. Not even my mate is.
You've fought for so long, no one can say you aint strong.
You're like an angel doing no wrong, why is killing you what god wants?
You look so pale and broken, i wish your eyes could open.
Instead they keep on closing.

I can see you fading out with every word i'm saying now.
Please just stay with me now.

I'm being selfish i know.
But i don't want you to go.
Please don't leave me alone.
When you're gone what do i do?
Cos i'm nothing without you.
You're smile is sunlight
So bright in my life.
I hope you know i will never say goodbye.
Your heart is my home.
You'll never be alone.
I hope that you know i'll never let you go.

I hold your hand; your pulse is weak.
You open your eyes and you notice me.
Shush mate please don't try to speak.
You'll be fine just wait and see.
Your chest falls and doesn't rise.
You've gone away i realize.
I stand up and kiss above your eyes.
I walk up to the nurse outside and tell her my best friend has died.

This poem is about: 
My family


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