Safe Haven

Sat, 06/02/2018 - 17:53 -- KkJones

It is my safe haven.

The place in which my soul retreats

To relax

To recharge

To think.

It allows me to ponder

And wonder

And express

Things I could not

Otherwise, make known.


A strategic move

To where I can see everything

In a new light.

It comes naturally to me




When I take refuge

In my safe haven.

I have nothing to hide

From the page.


It holds all my secrets

And it will not let them go,

Not share with anyone

Other than me.

My safe haven

Is a place for only me.

It knows what I leave

Unsaid and unassumed.

It carries the weight for me.


I give my safe haven my worries

And my fears

To hold on to for me

So I do not have the burden

Of their gravity

Holding me in one place

Like an anchor.


With my fears, and worries

Carefully hidden

In my safe haven.

I can be free of them,

And free to move forward.

As if I have no fears

Or worries.

So I can chase my dreams




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