For a being closer to the ground
There is without a doubt in silence sound.
Vibrant waves absorbed before they rebound.
Lost along the face of a deflected..a dejection
A daft scribbling encribed in youth.
premiss to an elevated insinuation,
awakened to a world of degradation.
Of infactuation ..laced linguistically.
In Lust the epitome, Life the astringency,
Accords tighten but fail to bind me.
Unbinding, unwinding, unattached,
beyond able to Refeact to Return to a spot ruthlessly fear no foe,
To draw close to my absence; .
Lacking a light solely dilapidated.
Till the tunnel be claimed concured.
The Roster throttled the trachea exhausted
Retaining little more than a chill ,
The idea to breathe.
The idea to proceed.

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My country
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