Salty Honey and Bitter Milk

Love has an expiration date

So I won't say I love you, it's too late

Now I seek my destination

With desperation

To find someone worthy of inclination 


Inclination towards a broken mirror 

With sharp and rough edges

I see my disfigurement as a challenge

I feel miles away rather than inches

But I see it everyday


Salty honey and bitter milk in my cup of tea

Yet I plea for quality

Perhaps ginger, cinnamon

Or might I take my tea plain

And expect nothing from it


In the summit of my own thoughts

I see my views but not with admiration

But with distraught 

For all I see is salty honey and bitter milk

As if thats all there is


A different mountain, unexplored 

Do I dare explore it?

Do I like salty honey and bitter milk?

Do I challenge the mirror?

Am I someone?


I'm almost there. 

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