My stomach is growling,

My head is pounding,

My breath is shaky;

But it is satisfying.


My stomach is slimming,

My thigh gap is showing,

My face is thinning,

But it is satisfying.


My skin is tight,

My bones are protruding,

My weight is below average;

Yet it is satisfying.


I can still feel the fat,

I can still feel the weight,

I can still hear your comments;

I am not yet satisfied.


I cannot eat yet,

I cannot eat,

I will not eat;

Not until I am satisfied.


I let the thoughts win,

I let your words win,

I let you win;

Are you satisfied?

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Hello Kearstin! I was wondering if I can use your poem and your authorship

for a college final project.

Thanks in advance.

Kinds Regards


I'm so honored... Yes, yes of course! Just please, p l e a s e give me credit for it. :)


Would it even be possible to email me your final project? I would love to see it!
23kearstin23@ gmail .com


Hi Kearstin did you receive my email ? I sent it to you last week.

My email address is claribelf.1994@ gmail .com. Let me know I would like to talk with you

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