Look at me. 

Look at my white skin, the way it isn’t caramel looking like my mothers.  

Look at my sisters how their caramel skin makes them different from me. 

The way a paper tells you your importance, a paper that lets you know your worth, a paper that means absolutely nothing and everything all at the same time. 

A color onto skin drawn by God himself making sure he could tell us apart. 

Hoping we might love each other more.


Seeing the red, white and blue lights coming from behind. 

Fear floods onto my face, I could see it on my families too. 

I see the police officer step outside of the car, I saw my mothers hands shaking in fear. 

I didn’t understand her fear she hasn’t done anything.

I understand it more now the way the police officer quickly read my mothers character from a piece of paper.  

Colors on a flag that let us know the love, peace and justice this country should have, but why is there so much fear and hate when we see those colors?


Its almost safe, we almost have justice, we’re so close.

Yet its so easy to take it all away without meaning anything to them.

All the tears and lost in the past, all the families constantly broken apart.

Coming back together like pieces of broken glass.

Taking all the warmth and love away from innocent children.

Children who don’t understand why the world is so cruel because of piece of paper

We couldn’t choose our race or the place where we were given life.


Damaged families. 

The way they can’t fully understand one another.

How they are foreigners to one another.

They aren’t able to call their mother, their parent or their father.

This is what you did endless nights of children crying, endless nights feeling alone and empty.

Children who hurt and parents full of rage.


Why cant we ever be enough or do enough? 

Why is it that our race isn’t treated right? 

Why take something away from a child who doesn’t full understand life?

I still don’t understand why people are the way they are.

We will keep trying, they’ll know that a piece of paper wont determine our worth.

This poem is about: 
Our world