Tue, 12/06/2016 - 18:58 -- Vamps

You don't give me room to breath,

keep on tugging at my sleeve,

won't let me even try and achieve.

Yeah my thoughts are different to yours,

you're no solution, you're the cause,

tired of doing all your chores.


we're two very different people,

i'm depressed, you're evil,

well sometimes you are,

i'm just trying to heal this scar.

Well, it keeps on opening up,

and you're just a major fuckin hiccup.

Lets part our ways, find myself out of this maze,

of which, you were the architect,

gonna have to be direct.

This boat has sailed,

my prison sentence,

i've been bailed,


and yeah it's something to shout about.

Maybe i sound like a victim,


i just can't control this twitchin,

i'll try to stop all this bitchin,

It just comes from constant pain,

hope these words ain't in vain.

So you get the message?

You made this show,

ride your pony, dressage,

I'm on fuckin Black Beauty, ridin off,

sick and tired of being soft.

So goodbye, bon voyage,

gonna escape these bars.

Better believe, cause it's true,

don't try to grab me with your doubt lasu,

the causer of this, was u.





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