August brought shouting, crying, and shoving each other into hurtful words. Why?

"Because I love you."

October brought screaming, cursing, and biting my tounge to avoid angering you. Why?

"Because I love you."

November brought shrieking, bawling, and bleeding each other out of all hope. WHY?

"Because I love you."

December was full of ignominous feeling and wishing i could become anonymous.

"You can wail all you want, it's still not my fault."

"You can pack all you want, we both know you're staying."

"I say this becuase I love you."

Call it a perfect storm all you want, all i know is that this love hurts more than it should.

"You know that I love you." No, i don't anymore.

Call me a piece of work but we both know that means you think i'm a burden.

"I say this all because I love you." 

Actually, don't call me at all, i can't keep suffocating without at least fainting, 

and yes, i mean it this time. Why?

Because I love me.

January brought nothing but a vacancy in my chest. Why couldn't you have loved me right?

April came and went; I started to feel again. I met someone who trusts me. 

I found a confidant who doesn't try to control me. I found someone who doesn't slowly start to resent me.

Why did I let you love me like that?

May took away my pain and replaced it with understanding. I can breathe again.

You didn't do those tings becuase you loved me.

Did you even really love me?

All I know is that you were wrong ; love isn't pain, it's hope. And I hope you become who I always knew you could.

Now I know what it means to really love someone, because I started with myself.

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